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I am saddened to report the passing of our beloved lab Austin (a.k.a. Schmoogle) today. He was boon companion, friend to cats, ardent chaser of foxes, and lover to everyone we welcomed into our home. He was a powerful dog who had to be walked in a harness, but like most dogs, he loved to run, and when he felt the leash slip, was off like a shot. He came when called and never growled at me, even when I tried to push his buttons. We enjoyed many a leisurely afternoon nap. I’ll miss those especially.

He was also the most patient model I have ever known. I took the photograph above shortly after I received a new lens for my Pentax 67. Here’s another image from the same session.

Schmoogle – Pentax 67 w/SMC 135mm f1.4

This is perhaps my favorite photograph. He had a regal profile. Here’s an image of the venerable Pentax 67.

Pentax 67


He sat for me again when I tested my Leica MP with a new Noctilux lens.

Schmoogle w/ Leica MP and 50mm f1 Noctilux

Here’s the Leica MP in its configuration I used that day.

Leica MP w/50mm f1 Noctilux

And when I purchased a new Panasonic Lumix, I turned once again to Scmoogle to run it through its paces.

Schmoogle – Panasonic Lumix DMC LX 3

And here’s an image of the camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX 3


Our friend’s dog Teddy passed several months ago. Teddy was a little Westie who really liked to ham it up for the camera.

Teddy – Yashica Mat 124G

Here’s another one of Teddy with the same camera.

Teddy – Yashica Mat 124G

The Yashica Mat 124G is my go-to camera for photographing small dogs. It lets me get down on their level and see the world from their perspective.

Yashica Mat 124G

I will miss Schmoogle. I miss all the animals with whom we’ve had the luck and pleasure of sharing our home. But at least my cameras have allowed me to capture something of their personalities. I will cherish these images forever.